Sunday, September 2, 2012


She's finally here - our little bundle of melt-your-heart cuteness, Elsa. It's been a whole day since we picked her up from our breeder and she's settled in so well it feels like she was meant to be here all along. 

While she's so very placid - sitting still while I take silly pictures like the one above - she's also finding her voice and crying like it's nobody's business. We were told to expect some crying as she adjusts to her new home, but when you hear those (often loud) howls in the wee hours of the morning, it can be both heartbreaking and frustrating. But we know it's all part of the process and we're trying to make her as comfortable as possible without giving in and teaching her that every time she cries, mummy and daddy will pick her up for a cuddle.

It got reeeeeeally bad at one point that I actually expected the neighbours to start complaining. The temptation to bring her into our bed was very strong but I know that once you bring a Chihuahua into your bed once, you'll have signed your bed over forever. After a 3am search of Yahoo Answers I discovered that when a puppy cries in its new home, it's their way of trying to let its "pack" know where it is. One piece of advice was to bring her bed into your bedroom so she can get used to hearing and smelling you, effectively making you her new "pack". This seemed to work. She slept more soundly and on the occasions when she woke and began to whimper again, all I needed to do was to drop my arm off the side of the bed so she could smell me and within a few seconds, she was back to sleep and I could have my arm back!
As easy as that all sounds, I desperately don't want to make a habit of this so our plan today is to tire her out and not allow her to nap too late in the day so she (and we) won't wake up ten times throughout the night like last night. From there, I hope I will be able to help her settle enough to progressively move her bed out of the room. For all the puppy owners out there - especially those of you who live in apartments and whose neighbours can hear just about everything - am I doing the right thing?

On a brighter note, we've spent the past 24 hours gushing over her and giggling at all the funny little things she does. She's such a smart cookie and already has discovered how her playpen latch works. She knows to wait and see if we clip the latch and, if we don't, she musters all the strength in her itty bitty paws, pushes the door open and bounces (yes, bounces!) adorably around the apartment... I think we're in love :-)


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    1. Thanks, she is a little sweetie when she wants to be!

  2. So adorable! Can I have one too? :)

    1. Haha be careful what you wish for! We're waaaay behind on sleep thanks to her!

  3. I got a rescue dog over a year ago who did exactly the same thing. We moved him into our bedroom for 3 nights and then it was back downstairs. He'll soon get used to it. Is he toilet trained?

  4. OMG I am dying from cute overload!

    I remember when my puppy used to cry at night too - it breaks your heart but be strong and she'll be ok!

    Becky |


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